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Anyone own a George Foreman grill? I just bought one of 150$…stainless steel, multiple levels, adjustable…well you know
Regarding his love of eating healthily.
Last year there was a one billion dollar settlement…can you imagine the lawyer fees?
Regarding why we should all be in his class.
Oh this should be Jean Paul, I had it as Miros but I didn’t want to increase the Greek-German tension any more. Looot of political tension.
Regarding a hypo that was in no way related to the Greek debt crisis
Professor: I meant it kind of in a Minnesota way, yes (pointing at student)
Student: You want me to say “you betcha?”
Professor: yes
Student: you betcha
Professor: I was looking for a little more twang, but he’s domesticated.
Regarding Minnesota accents
I took French in high school and after a couple years I finally went to France and I ordered a croissant..and they understood me! Turns out my high school teacher wasn’t playing a secret language game.
Regarding the beauty of foreign language schools, ala Groener v. Minister of Education
Basically, I don’t really care what the Restatement says.
Regarding the Restatement
Everyone loves a lump sum!
Regarding payment for breach of lease
Your only hope is to appeal to the cat-lovers on the bench.
Regarding Nahrstedt v. Lakeside Village
Your job is to turn this case into an Andrew Lloyd Weber musical.
Regarding persuading the jury
I cold call.
Regarding the first day of class